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I am a working sound designer in the Portland Metro area and the founder of Virtual Sonic Reality. “VSR” started as a concept art project using three-dimensional sonic recording as a method of creating virtual reality. I am exploring new dimensions in entertainment by using cutting edge sound technology such as binaural and spatial audio.

A Sonic VirtualNew Experience

Virtual Sonic Reality started as a design and recording technique in 2014 with the release of the ``Meditation Mixtape Volume 1``. These narrative sound designs are carefully constructed to tell a particular virtual story or put you in a particular sonic space. My hope is to continue to experiment with the use of sound recording to create 3D worlds that can be used for digital releases. Specifically, these techniques enhance the listening experience of music, gaming, podcasting, and storytelling by simulating a virtual or ``3D`` experience. Sonic Reality Media partners with artists and developers on different platforms to release new and interesting content for diverse audiences.

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