Phil Johnson
Artist & Technical Director

My name is Phillip Johnson and I am a working artist in the Portland Metro area and Technical Director for Confrontation Theater. I am a multidisciplinary artist who likes to express in visual, audio and digital formats. 

Sound Reality is a concept art project that uses three-dimensional landscapes as a method of creating virtual reality. Every "Sonic Reality" is carefully constructed to tell a particular story. My hope is to continue to experiment with the use of sound to create 3d worlds that can be used for games, apps, and podcasts.

As far as my paintings go, I would consider myself a neo-expressionist and surrealist who focuses on the realities of the human condition especially as it relates to myself as an African American. My first series “Visual Poetry” focused on technology and its effects on human expression. The purpose of the student-like drawings in the "Offensive Images" collection is to show that no matter how much we as mature adults can debate and pontificate the reality of the Black citizen's experience in America, there is a truth behind this conversation, so evident even a child can see it.

I currently work in Portland as a theatrical sound designer and have been blessed to collaborate and design some amazing shows including Cop Out, Hands up (Red Door Project) Everybody, The Humans, An Octoroon (Artist Repertory Theater), Sibling Rivalry (Confrontation Theatre), Elliot a Soldier's Fugue (Profile Theater), Worst than Tigers (Seattle) and Watsonville Lydia (Milagro). I have also done Several Sound and light Installation pieces including my Portland artist debut, “Electric Hell”, for the Cascade High grand opening party last winter.

It is my honor and privilege to be able to share my work with the Portland community and hope for many more displays and collaborations to come. If you would like to get to know a little more about what I do or want to get in touch about an upcoming project feel free to contact me via Phillipgerardjohnson@gmail.com or social media @PhilJohnsonlive on all platforms.

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